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Constitution (last amended 19 Nov 1998)

The Association shall be called Drummond Civic Association.


Aims: The Association is formed to conserve Drummond Place as a place to live in and an area of high architectural value, and to maintain close liaison with similar associations within the New Town.


Membership: is open to all residents in Drummond Place and to others who share the Association's aims


Committee: The Association shall be represented and its affairs managed by a Committee of eight, who shall elect one of their number in rotation to act as chairman. The Committee shall appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be ex officiis members of the Committee. Each Committee member shall demit office at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting coinciding with the end of his/her fourth term of office and shall be ineligible for re-election until the following AGM. Any vacancy arising in the membership of the Committee may be filled by the Committee's appointing a member of the Society to hold office until the next AGM.


Meetings: There shall be an AGM requiring not less than 21 days' notice. Twelve members will form a quorum. Other meetings, normally requiring a minimum of 7 days' notice, shall be called at the Committee's discretion. Should five members make a written representation to the Secretary, a meeting will be convened.


Finance: To meet inevitable running expenses (stationery, etc) a voluntary subscription will be invited, payable annually to the Treasurer. The Committee will each year suggest a minimum amount per household. Donations in excess of this will of course be welcome.


The Treasurer will hold funds on behalf of the Association, and accounts of the Association's transactions will be made up for submission at its AGM.


In the event of the Association being wound up, funds remaining after discharge of the Association's liabilities shall be made over to an appropriate charity to be determined at the time by its members.

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